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River Intake Fines Removal


Fines Removal from river intake for a pulp and paper plant in Louisiana. JPS provided a 5 man team and equipment for a confined space dive to pump fines from river intake, using hydraulic pump at the intake pipe.

River Intake Fines Removal2020-01-27T15:13:36+00:00

Aerator Removal and Repair


Aerator Repair for a pulp and paper mill in Mississippi. JPS  provided equipment, technicians and dive crew  to retrieve damaged, sunken aerators to place on bank-side for repair and redeployment.

Aerator Removal and Repair2020-01-27T15:16:09+00:00

Dredging Pulp & Paper Plant


Dredged 4000 cubic yards, for a Paper and Pulp plant polishing pond into dewatering bags to remove solids from the pond, provided dewatering bags, set up and manpower.

Dredging Pulp & Paper Plant2020-01-27T15:14:03+00:00

Fines Removal


Fines Removal - JPS divers pump fines clogging clarifier. ­JPS provided 5 man dive team and equipment to pump fines from a clarifier.

Fines Removal2020-01-27T15:18:50+00:00

Baffle Curtain – Amicola Falls State Park Lodge


Amicola Falls State Park Lodge. Placed small baffle across outfall weir. Windows located at bottom of the baffle. Designed to prevent solids from plugging the weir. Municipal Wastewater 40'X8' Deep Baffle Curtain Manufactured, Deliver and Install

Baffle Curtain – Amicola Falls State Park Lodge2020-01-27T06:08:53+00:00