Dive Services –  Wastewater Lagoon / Blackwater Specialist

JPS provides the most qualified “Blackwater” divers in the industry; a claim supported by maintenance of thousands of treatment lagoons and countless hours of maintenance to those lagoons. From complete installation of baffle curtains, erosion barriers and aerators, to repairing baffles, air laterals and river outfalls; JPS certified personnel are ready for any task. JPS offers services during hot or cold shutdowns providing annual maintenance to treatment system components. Aside from scheduled maintenance and repair, a JPS Dive Team can be on site within 24 hours for emergency service. As a longstanding member of the ADC, JPS maintains an attitude of preparation and safety-first in order to save time on site and to be as thorough as possible. Emphasis on equipment, including backup equipment, dive support equipment, boats, and the constant maintenance of such equipment promotes our longevity and reliability.

• Baffle & Erosion Barrier Installation
• Diffused Air System Cleaning
• Pile Driving
• Welding and Cutting (Surface & Subsurface)
• Aerator Installation, Removal and Maintenance
• Intake Inspection and Cleaning
• Outfall Inspection and Repair
• Pipeline NDT and Internal Penetration
• Diving- Overhead and Confined Space
• Clarifier Fines Removal
• Clarifier Rake Repairs
• Pipe Plug Install and Removal

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