Erosion Barrier – Protecting Lagoon Embankments

Erosion of a lagoon bank can be a constant headache in maintenance and cost. JPS Erosion Barriers are designed to protect the embankment from erosion caused by wave action, aeration turbulence and extreme elements. Each JPS Erosion Barrier is constructed of individual panels, custom fabricated to fit the lagoon architecture, depth, slope and known exposure to elements. The paneled construction allows easy access to equipment, maintenance and repair, without draining the lagoon or damaging the barrier, which can temporarily shut down treatment. Made of the same reinforced scrim and 304 stainless steel hardware as our baffles, JPS Erosion Barriers maintain uniform rates of linear expansion and are engineered to withstand chemicals, extreme temperatures variations, abrasions, hydraulic shock and severe elements.

• Custom fit and designed
• Paneled construction
• Constructed of reinforced rip-stop scrim
• Silicone-treated nylon stitching• Lock stitched hems and seams
• UV and chemical resistance
• Stable in high wind conditions
• Engineered to shrink and expand with the elements
• 304 stainless steel hardware
• 12,000 lb. to 20,000 lb. tensile strength
• Easy panel removal for maintenance access

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