Specified Solutions for Engineers

Architects and engineers require specifications for proven, trusted, time-tested products, where cost and lead-time are critically important. When it comes to wastewater lagoon baffle curtains, we are the architect and contractor trusted advisers, able to offers solutions specific to an application, to help solve problems. Since 1964 we have provided objective answers to help determine the right product for each project. Working with JPS you can expect:

· Secure download area
· Technical specifications
· Importable, high-quality CAD files
· Product descriptions and details
· Case studies for similar applications
· Experts in baffle curtain design for wastewater lagoon
· Proven expertise, expertise, and advice

Why JPS Baffle Curtains are Different

Given the opportunity water will take the path of least resistance, this can result in short circuiting, dead zones, sludge build up and inefficient treatment. Implementing a baffle system to engineer a specific water flow pattern can optimize treatment and retention time.

Figure 1a. JPS Erosion Barrier Only.

1a. Random Flow Pattern Water will go directly from the inlet to outlet of a lagoon. This results in decreased retention time and reduced BOD removal. The dead zones are not treating waste and the cost to operate these aerators is lost.

Figure 1b. JPS Erosion Barrier in Combination with JPS Baffle Curtains.

1b. Intentional Flow Pattern The application of two baffles creates a serpentine flow pattern resulting in increased retention time. The baffles also force the water column through the aerators’ sphere of influence. The entire lagoon is now utilized and aerators maximum potential is realized.