Baffle Curtains
The Finest Baffle Curtains on the Planet!
Erosion Barriers
Reduces Lagoon Erosion and Maintenance.
T-HEX Cover System
Self-Adjusting, Patented T-HEX™ Lagoon Cover System.
Dive Services
1000's of lagoons, countless hours of maintenance.
Dredging Services
Precision Sludge Removal to Optimize Lagoon Efficiency.

Industrial Baffle Curtains & Solutions for Wastewater Lagoons

For generations, JPS has worked to provide Industrial Baffle Curtains and complete wastewater lagoon solutions. From plotting the exact contour of the basin of a lagoon to provide an exact fit, to engineering treatment efficiencies and recommending the layout of all components, to fabricating and manufacturing the baffle curtains to a precise fit – JPS pulls it all together with our turnkey installation. It is why JPS offers a full two-year warranty which can be extended to five years. Once installed, JPS can be called on for maintenance, review or modifications. We don’t just sell baffle curtains; we engineer solutions that have helped JPS maintain 99% customer retention and satisfaction.


Innovation & Quality built into ALL JPS Products. They are engineered systems, custom-designed and precision-manufactured specific to each application, environment and needs.


JPS Baffles are hand constructed using the strongest nylon scrim available, with rip stops every 5th filament of the material scrim to help prevent tearing.


All structural components of JPS Baffles are manufactured using nylon materials to maintain a uniform rate of linear expansion which helps to eliminate friction.


Optimal flow patterns, predictable stress points and other factors are determined with all JPS Products in order to add necessary reinforcement into the final installation.

The Finest Baffle Curtains in the World!

Each JPS Baffle Curtain is custom-manufactured using a patented, method that employs silicon-treated nylon stitching. field tested by time, some JPS Baffle Curtains are so well built they have been in service for more than 20 years.

Erosion Barriers

Erosion of a lagoon bank can be a constant headache in maintenance and cost.  JPS Erosion Barriers are designed to protect the embankment from erosion caused by wave action, aeration turbulence and extreme elements...  [Read more]

T-HEX™ Cover System

The patented T-HEX™ Cover System provides more efficient production and management of municipal and industrial wastewater lagoons. Molded from HDPE, T-HEX™, hexagon modules are placed on the surface of a lagoon...  [Read more]

Dive Services

  JPS provides the most qualified “Blackwater” divers in the industry; a claim supported by maintenance of thousands of treatment lagoons and countless hours of maintenance to those lagoons...    [Read more]

Lagoon Profiling

JPS provides complete services to map the topography and characteristics of a lagoon system include gathering thousands of measurements with integrated sonar and real-time GPS systems...  [Read more]

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JPS Oil Booms Help Contain Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

The call came in at midnight on March 30, 1989, during the Exxon Valdez oil spill. It was the city manager of Seward, Alaska, on Resurrection Bay. He said he had heard of JPS' reputation for results. He asked if the company had any of its Oil Booms in stock, and could it be shipped immediately, along with an installation training crew. The answer was "Yes." Within 24 hours, JPS had 20,000 feet of 36' Oil Boom on site, and a highly skilled supervisor who quickly trained crews to deploy the boom.  After two weeks, the Seward official was so grateful for the result that he issued a proclamation to JPS for helping "to protect the surrounding key salmon-producing streams from oil."