The Finest Baffle Curtains in the World!

JPS Baffles are custom built for industrial and municipal applications using the most durable materials and construction techniques available. While both applications are designed to similar specifications, JPS Industrial Baffles are engineered with reinforcing nylon straps to withstand severe and extreme environments. JPS Baffles are known for their durability due to the materials used, craftsmanship and time tested quality built into the design, construction and installation of every JPS Baffle Curtain. We are proud to call them the best baffle curtains in the world!

Engineered Retention Time

Water will take the path of least resistance resulting in short circuiting, dead zones, sludge build up and inefficient treatment. The JPS Baffle System forces a specific water flow pattern to optimize treatment and retention time.

In this example, the water flows directly from the inlet to the outlet of a lagoon in a random flow pattern. Using only an erosion barrier, this results in decreased retention time and reduced BOD removal. The dead zones are not treating waste and the cost to operate these aerators is lost.

In this example , the erosion barrier is used in combination with JPS Baffle Curtains. The application the baffles create a serpentine flow pattern resulting in increased retention time. The baffles also force the water column through the aerators’ sphere of influence, utilizing the aerators maximum potential.

The JPS Warranty

JPS offers a full two-year warranty which can be extended to five years. Once installed, JPS can be called on for maintenance, review or modifications. We don’t just sell baffle curtains; we engineer solutions that have helped JPS maintain 99% customer retention and satisfaction.